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May.5.2010 | 2


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  1. Mutual acquaintance Sheree Lincoln said
    we both are very excited about cooking and that we need to meet you!! Not much time today, but will check out your webstuff the next couple of day…Looking forward to meeting you!!!

    Debi and Mike Ward—kindred cooking spirits! a bientot, (til nextime), dw

  2. Susan Draaisma

    Hi Tommy – I love listening to you on WJRW!! Thanks for the answers on Tuesdays’ show. Reducing my “stock” is not something that I had previously considered. Great idea!! I have three girls, one of which is highly allergic to penicillin, so we have tried to stay hormone and antibiotic free as much as possible in our home. I would like more detail on the recipe that you were trying to share with me but due to time constraints, I couldn’t get the details. I have 10 hens and 26 babies “a-waitin’” to see how many hens and how many roosters we have. Any chance you want some roosters?? I have girls and all the chicks have names so we have yet to eat any of our chickens. Plenty of others have eaten them, just not us . . .

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